Eliminating Facial Veins Has Never Been Easier

Eliminating Facial Veins Has Never Been Easier

Of the many conditions that can lend to an aging face, facial veins rank near the top. These spindly, hard-to-miss blemishes have a way of ruining an otherwise clear complexion as they take center stage in highly prominent areas. With our innovative radiosurgery, we can remove the veins, restoring your clear skin.

At Blue Ash Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Randall Stastny and our team rely on the latest technologies to help our patients in Cincinnati, Ohio, deal with a host of cosmetic issues, including facial veins. And one that we’re particularly pleased to offer is the Surgitron® Dual RF S5.

Here’s a look at why facial veins develop and how we can eliminate them using high-frequency and precise radiofrequency (RF) energy.

The road to facial veins

Facial veins, which are also called spider veins, are a common condition that affect people of all ages, though the condition becomes increasingly prevalent with age. There are many reasons why you may develop facial veins, but leading the charge is exposure to the elements.

If you consider that facial veins develop on the most exposed areas of your skin — your nose, chin, and cheeks — you begin to understand how the elements can play a role. From the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays to changes in temperature and pressure, these elemental factors can weaken your blood vessels, causing them to burst and rise to the surface of your skin.

In addition to exposure, facial veins may develop as a result of a condition known as rosacea, or they may crop up during pregnancy because of hormonal changes.

Rounding out the list of suspects is genetics — if facial veins run in your family, you may be more susceptible.

Clearing away the wreckage

Now that we have a better idea of the many conditions that can cause facial veins, let’s take a look at how we tackle them. To do this, we’ve armed ourselves with the state-of-the-art Surgitron Dual RF S5 system, which delivers high-frequency energy to coagulate and cut tissue.

Before we get started, we administer a local anesthetic or use IV sedation to ensure that you’re comfortable. When you’re ready, we quickly use the Surgitron Dual RF S5 to remove the veins.

With this type of high-frequency RF surgery, we’re able to reduce the injury to the surrounding tissue, which is a concern with other methods. As well, because the impact of this highly precise energy is so targeted, your recovery time is greatly reduced since there’s no surrounding tissue damage.

If you’d like to explore for yourself how our radiosurgery with the Surgitron Dual RF S5 can eliminate your facial veins, please give us a call. You can also use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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