Why NEOVA® Products Are a Great Addition to Your Skin Care Regimen

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To say that there’s no shortage of products that claim to breathe new life into your skin would be a gross understatement. From anti-aging remedies to protection from the sun, there are skin care products designed for every need, every skin type, and every stage in life.

Here at Blue Ash Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we want to help our clients in the Cincinnati, Ohio area find products based on science and that produce tangible results. If you, like so many before, have spent countless hours and dollars trying to find the right regimen for your skin, we’ve narrowed your search by finding a product line that can make a significant difference. Here’s why NEOVA products would make a great addition to your skin regimen.

Aging and your skin

The Holy Grail of skin care is to reverse the effects of aging on skin, especially the skin on your face, which is arguably the most exposed. When it comes to aging, your skin faces several formidable enemies. The first is photoaging, which comes at the hands of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. These rays contain radiation, which breaks down your skin cells, causing your skin to age prematurely as your cells can’t repair and regenerate fast enough to keep up with the damage. Although there’s much you can to shield yourself against these UV rays with sunscreen, your skin is still under assault on an almost daily basis.

Now add the fact that, as you age, your skin naturally loses collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks for tone, firmed skin. This loss is completely natural and especially pronounced in women going through peri-menopause and menopause. And there’s little you can do about the loss as time marches on, except maybe give your skin a boost on a molecular level, which is exactly what NEOVA products accomplish.

The science behind NEOVA

Almost 40 years ago, three scientists discovered the copper peptide GHK and found that derivatives of the GHK-Cu peptide had potential anticancer applications through inducing cell growth for healing wounds. Studies were performed and the scientists found that wounds healed significantly faster and more completely with the GHK-Cu peptide.

The three scientists behind the discovery also realized this peptide could repair skin that was affected by environmental and procedural stressors. Twenty years later, they introduced the DNA CoFactor, which is a patented DNA repair and signature copper peptide technology coalition, and launched NEOVA SmartSkincare based on this science.

A product for every need

At the heart of NEOVA’s products is the Copper Peptide Complex™, which repairs and hydrates your skin, helping reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as well as superficial skin imperfections. But a product is only as good as its delivery method, which the scientists at NEOVA addressed with a trademarked system that encourages your body to recognize and accept the copper into your cells.

Now you can benefit from this technology, which NEOVA uses in all of it products, including:

Whether you want to target the skin around your eyes or a broader area, such as your décolletage, there’s a product for every skin care need, and we make them available here at our office.

If you’re confused about which products would be best for you, Dr. Randall Stastny has been prescribing NEOVA products for his patients since 1994 and is happy to sit down with you to review your issues and goals and recommend a suite of products that will tackle your skin from every angle, most importantly from a molecular angle.


If you’d like to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out, please give us a call to learn more about our NEOVA line of products. You can also use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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