Single Implants


If you are missing a single tooth, you may be faced with the decision of whether or not to replace your tooth. Once you have decided to replace your tooth, you will have to decide if you want to replace your tooth with a fixed bridge or an implant and crown.

What is the difference between a Fixed Bridge and a Dental Implant?

  • A dental implant works by being placed into the jaw where your missing tooth was to mimic the root of your tooth. After healing, a crown (or cap) is placed on the implant.
  • Fixed bridges require cutting down the teeth on either side of your missing tooth, then a one-piece, three-crown restoration is made and cemented over the cut-down teeth to cover them and fill-in the missing tooth.

What are the steps involved with dental implants?

Of course every situation is different, but the following are the general steps involved in having a dental implant and crown placed:

  • Remove the tooth and place ridge preservation graft – surgeon
  • Evaluate healing and measure for implant size – surgeon
  • Place implant – surgeon
  • Take impression to make crown – general dentist
  • Place final crown on implant – general dentist

What are the advantages of dental implants over fixed bridges?

  • Implants do not require alteration of other teeth
  • Implants will help to maintain your bone
  • Implants are easier to care for than fixed bridges
  • Implants are more economical over time
  • Implants do not get tooth decay
  • Implants are more like having your real teeth

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