Chin Augmentation or Reduction


Cosmetic chin surgery, also known as a “genioplasty,” is a surgery done to alter the underlying structure of the lower jaw, providing better balance to the facial features. The genioplasty can be accomplished in one of two ways.

  1. The first way is to slide the bone of the chin on itself, and stabilize it with a titanium plate. This method is the most stable of all methods because it utilizes your own bone to accomplish the change in the contour of the chin. The genioplasty can be done in the hospital, or Dr. Stastny can perform this surgery in his office. Sometimes other procedures such as neck or submental liposuction are done at the same time as the genioplasty.
  2. The other method for genioplasty is to use a synthetic implant. These implants are made of different materials and are usually secured to your jaw with titanium screws or plates.

Dr. Stastny has been performing the genioplasty since 1989, and would love the opportunity to discuss with you how a chin augmentation or genioplasty may benefit you.

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