Laser Skin Resurfacing


Albert Einstein originally presented the principles of the laser in the early 1900’s. Since that time there have been multiple scientific achievements in laser technology. Although there have been newer lasers developed, the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser is still the gold standard for facial “skin resurfacing.” What is meant by “skin resurfacing” is the removal of all wrinkles and pigmentations, softening of scars, tightening of the underlying dermis, a return to more youthful looking and feeling skin, and turning back the hands of time.

What Can The Laser Do For You?

There are different types of lasers that can treat a variety of problems. Dr. Stastny has been using the different lasers to help his patients resurface their skin, remove pigmentations, remove vascular lesions, improve scarring, and remove wrinkles. The good news is that with the advances in laser technology there are lasers that can improve your skin with minimal to no down time.

What Is Involved In CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing?

There are a few basic steps that must be followed before having a CO2 skin resurfacing. The first is a thorough medical evaluation by Dr. Stastny to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Then you will need to be on home skin care regimen for six weeks prior to the procedure. The procedure itself will be done under general anesthesia. After the procedure, you will have a bandage for four days. This bandage will help healing and help to minimize any discomfort. Between seven and ten days later you will be able to begin wearing make-up and return to your daily routine. You can expect some pink or reddish coloration of the treated skin after the procedure that may persist from two to six months.

Dr. Stastny has been performing laser treatments in his office since 1997, and will be happy to discuss the different options and help decide which laser procedure is right for you.

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