NEOVA Skin Care Products


Neova is a comprehensive skin care line formulated by PhotoMedex, a leading global skin health company providing integrated disease management and aesthetic solutions. The company’s groundbreaking Copper Peptide Complex™ and DNA repair technologies have been validated in controlled clinical studies and are now considered fundamental to skin and hair health.

The Copper Peptide Complex™ repairs and hydrates skin to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. NEOVA’s trademarked delivery system of the Copper Peptide Complex is what enables the body to recognize and accept the copper into the cells and restore skin health.

The DNA repair technology is delivered through liposome-encapsulated DNA repair enzymes to the area of damaged skin cells. There, the DNA repair works to repair the cellular DNA and correct the skin damage.

Blue Ash Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery maintains a large variety of the NEOVA products in the office. If you are interested in the NEOVA products please schedule a consultation with Dr. Stastny.

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