Orthognathic Surgery


What Is Orthognathic (Corrective Jaw) Surgery?

Dr. Stastny has been performing Corrective Jaw or Orthognathic Surgery since 1988. It is done by moving the maxilla (upper) and/or mandible (lower) jaw into a more ideal position for functional balance. Orthognathic surgery is done to correct a large number of minor and major dental and skeletal irregularities, including the correction of the jaws and teeth that do not come together correctly. The benefits of Orthognathic surgery include improved eating, speaking and breathing. Some patients may also see a change in their facial appearance; however, the purpose of Orthognathic surgery is to correct functional problems not cosmetics.

Who Needs Orthognathic Surgery?

Anyone with misaligned teeth and/or jaws may benefit from Orthognathic surgery. Misaligned teeth and jaws may be caused by the maxilla and mandible growing at different rates, injuries or be congenital. Orthodontics can usually correct your occlusion or “bite” problems when only the teeth are misaligned, but Orthognathic surgery is usually necessary to correct misalignment of the jaws.

If you have any of the following problems, Orthognathic Surgery may benefit you:

  • Difficulty with chewing or biting food
  • Difficulty with swallowing
  • Open bite, or space between your front teeth
  • Over bite or under bite
  • Noticeable imbalance of facial appearance
  • Inability to close lips without straining
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea, snoring and/or mouth breathing

What Is Involved in Orthognathic Surgery?

Dr. Stastny will work with your orthodontist and your general dentist to make sure that you are prepared for your surgery. To make sure that Orthognathic surgery is the right choice for you, your Initial Consultation will give you a chance to learn more about Orthognathic Surgery and meet Dr. Stastny and his team.

What to Expect After Orthognathic Surgery

  • Plan on being on a liquid or non-chewing diet for six weeks
  • You will need to avoid any kind of strenuous physical activity for six weeks
  • You will probably have some orthodontic elastics to help guide your teeth to your new bite
  • You probably will not have your mouth wired closed
  • You may have a stuffy nose for a few weeks
  • You may have some numbness of your upper and lower lips for a while

For more information about Corrective Jaw Surgery/Orthognathic Surgery, click the following link: https://myoms.org/procedures/corrective-jaw-surgery

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