What Is Alveoloplasty or Smoothing of Bone For?

Smoothing of bone, also known as “alveoloplasty,” and removal of bone, also known as “alveolectomy,” are two procedures done when there are either sharp edges, undercuts, or just too much bone present to make wearing dentures possible. Sometimes these procedures can be done at the same time that teeth are removed. However, in some cases it is better to wait a few months after the teeth have been removed before doing the alveoloplasty or alveolectomy.

What are Mandibular and Maxillary Tori?

Mandibular tori are bony growths on the tongue side of the lower jaw that many people have. They are normal and do not usually require treatment. However, sometimes they do need to be removed because of size, or to accommodate removable partials or dentures.

Maxillary tori are very much the same as mandibular tori except that they occur on the hard palate, or roof of the mouth. Again, these usually do not require any treatment unless they become too large, or if they interfere with a removable partial or denture.

What is “bony exostosis?”

Bony exostoses are extra growths of bone on the cheek side of the upper and lower jaws. Like tori, these do not usually require treatment unless they become too large, or interfere with wearing removable partials or dentures.

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